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WiFi Marketing, Does Experience Matter?

In 2016, there were over 7 billion mobile devices in the world and these devices require connectivity. It is not surprising that Wi-Fi is the most requested amenity because people expect connectivity almost as a right.

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Driving Downloads On-Premise: Developing an App Acquisition Strategy That Works!

Your app is an important tool to develop visitor engagement and loyalty. Now how do you get people to actually use it?

At, one of the biggest challenges our customers face is effectively marketing their new apps to their target audience. Connecting with visitors in your physical space can be complex and challenging, and a poorly executed app acquisition campaign can cause more marketing pain than it solves. Your mobile app should engage and delight visitors as well as enhance the user experience, not be a source of frustration for your visitors.

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WiFi Marketing's Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Increasingly, WiFi Marketing is an area of real opportunity for commercial real estate owners and developers.  The audience which access guest WiFi services on site is large and valuable especially in well-trafficked retail and hospitality centers.

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Meet The Marketer: Kyle Wright of Shubert Ticketing

In the second episode of our Meet The Marketer series, we interview Kyle Wright, Interactive Marketing and Analytics Manager at Shubert Ticketing, to learn more about his marketing goals for 2015 and how he plans on using wifi marketing to help reach them.

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