5 Benefits to WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing is a software solution that sits on top of an existing WiFi Network. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation of what it is and how it works check out our post What is WiFi Marketing or download our one-pager.

Enabling this software provides clear benefits. Below we’ve listed the top 5.

1. Collect First-Party Data

When guests log in to the WiFi network, collect their name, email or social networking information, which then, through API integrations, funnels directly into your CRM – creating a marketing database with correct information taken directly from the customers themselves. With the SocialSign.in software, emails are validated – ensuring correct information and from social media profiles, you can pull interests and demographic information further enhancing their profile in your CRM.

2. Connect With Customers

Upon logging into the network, using the SocialSign.in WiFi Marketing solution, you can offer branded, customized messaging in over 25 languages. Ask guests to download your app, follow you on social media, offer them a coupon, or present a survey question. The possibilities are endless, but each offers you a new way to connect with guests.

3. Capitalize on Amenity Investment

Most businesses are already offering free WiFi, because statistics show guests stay longer and are more apt to purchase something when offered the amenity. Outside of statistics, a WiFi marketing solution enables you to calculate a return on your guest WiFi investment – so you stop feeling like it’s just another amenity you have to offer to stay competitive and start feeling like it’s an amenity that puts you ahead.

4. Drive Marketing Messages and Campaigns

Most companies have marketing goals – use guest WiFi to drive them forward. Example, maybe by the end of the year, you want 5,000 additional followers on social media. By enabling a card on your WiFi that asks guests to follow you, that’s an additional channel and initiative to get you closer to the end goal. With SocialSign.in marketing solutions, once a guest has completed an action – followed you on social media - that card no longer appears when they log into the WiFi – enabling you to move that customer further along the journey and further your next marketing goal.

5. Build Lasting Relationships with Guests - Not Just Customers

Previously, retail stores could really only collect first-party data from the guests buying something – not everyone visiting the store. Ticketed venues only collected information from the guest buying the actual tickets. With WiFi Marketing – and specifically the SocialSign.in software, collect everyone’s information that logs in to the WiFi – and validate their emails. Collecting all of that first-party data enables marketers to follow up with a much larger majority of guests, both on-site and post-visit. So – during their stay and long after they’ve left the store, concert, game, facility, etc. marketing can engage with and further develop those relationships.

Want to connect with your foot traffic onsite? At SocialSign.in we’re passionate about WiFi Marketing, the capabilities of the software and what it can do for businesses. If you’re interested and want to learn more - you can contact us @info@socialsign.in.

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