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Apple announced a lot of things last week, but it’s more significant to talk about what they didn’t announce. No one – all day – mentioned hardware. Instead Apple announced several new initiatives, all designed to keep people engaged with their platform and on their devices - and all needing connectivity to work. WiFi is already one of the most requested amenities so how does a business create unique experiences for your customers that also capitalizes on this forced expenditure? 

One way is to create customized experiences with a WiFi marketing solution. On the platform we offer several different ways to engage with the end-user on site – using content cards to create different experiences. Below are some of our most popular. 

Survey Cards

These are used in a variety of different ways - a commercial real estate client asks visitors if they have visited the space previously . A co-working space customer asks visitors why they are there – a meeting, an interview, etc. Each are designed to get more information and build better 1st-party profiles within their CRM database – and it works. Within the first 30 days of their pilot program a co-working space collected over 1,500 sign-ins and 1,000+ users. 

Increase App Downloads

Have an app? We have several customers who promote their own apps through experience cards, with a CTR of almost 5%. 

 Build Followers on Social Media

Want more followers? Have a card that asks end-users to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Then – once the end-user performs the action and follows – that card is no longer visible to them when they return. Each experience is personalized so you can move visitors along the conversion path that's right for them and focus on the next call-to-action after they've completed this part of the journey.

Support Sponsors

Have a sponsor? This is a great way to boost value for them. We have several pro sports teams as customers, and many of them use this type of experience to highlight a sponsor.  Offering coupons and incentives to the end-user signing into the network - offers benefits to both your visitors and sponsors. 

 Ads and Flyers

Throwing an event? Announcing a new product line or feature? Having a sale? Use this experience to announce an upcoming band – no call-to-action necessary. We've also had retail stores use it to announce a sale, with a click through to add the coupon to passbook, etc. and activate it in real-time on site.

Each customer's journey should be unique and personalized to them. WiFi marketing creates another marketing channel for you to nurture and grow each new lead that signs into your network. 

At we’re passionate about WiFi Marketing, the capabilities of the software and what it can do for businesses. If you’re interested and want to learn more - you can contact us @

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