Do You Have the Golden Ticket?

Entrance into Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night may have seemed like the golden ticket to Golden State and Raptors fans - but the real success was what happened for the Warriors marketing team as fans poured into Oracle Arena and signed into the Guest WiFi, enabling them to collect first-party data on their fans through a WiFi Marketing solution.

A sports arena is just one example of a ticketed venue – museums, music halls and theaters are a few others – and the perfect business to benefit from WiFi Marketing. Ticketed venues have the same pain point as every other physical space – how to connect and identify with people in their venue?

Take the Warriors – for example – and think of all the ways you can purchase game tickets. StubHub, Seat Geek, friends, etc. and on top of that – it’s one person usually – purchasing multiple tickets. Every Warriors game – there are a vast number of people entering the arena – that the Warriors can’t identify and know nothing about - but would really like to be able to.

So – how do you identify and find all those people – walking through your venue – but may not necessarily have purchased a ticket? 

Although tickets to any NBA Finals game are AMAZING - WiFi Marketing is the golden ticket we're looking for in order to successfully achieve this goal. Upon signing in to the guest WiFi, with either their email or social media profile, fans are passing their contact and demographic information to the Warriors – which is then funneled into their CRMs and email marketing solutions via APIs – enabling them to drive ticket sales and sponsorship revenue through more tailored and targeted marketing campaigns. 

WiFi Marketing is one channel to capture that first-party data and connected fans are served a personalized, thoughtful experience and engaging content each time they use their mobile devices on-site. Other things you can do:

  • Create surveys to get more information like:
    • First time or repeat visitor?
    • Zip code?
    • What brings you here today?
  • Offer coupons or incentives for food or merchandise
  • Prompt an app download
  • Encourage people to follow social media accounts

There are so many things you can do with a WiFi Marketing experience to drive first-party data collection and really get at the heart of what's driving ticket sales and customer experiences.   

Some stats below from the Golden State Warriors’ WiFi Marketing Experience

  • 80% of profiles created were unique
  • 100% of users answered a survey question
  • 50% of fans gave phone number for follow-up 

If you want to read more about and the Golden State Warriors, check out the rest of our case study here.

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