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When Success Looks Like Failure.

Forbes called pop-up stores, retail’s "Uberization” and many industry experts believe it could be a critical solution to the store closings creating a desert of empty strip malls and vacant storefronts. So, when Amazon announced it was closing its pop-up stores last March it created a pause in the industry. Did these closures suggest that the Amazon experiment had failed? Can e-commerce giants like Amazon be successful in the brick and mortar world?

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Choose Your Customer's Experience

Apple announced a lot of things last week, but it’s more significant to talk about what they didn’t announce. No one – all day – mentioned hardware. Instead Apple announced several new initiatives, all designed to keep people engaged with their platform and on their devices - and all needing connectivity to work. WiFi is already one of the most requested amenities so how does a business create unique experiences for your customers that also capitalizes on this forced expenditure? 

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What is WiFi Marketing?

In 2022, monthly mobile data traffic per active smartphone in North America will reach 25 GB - a 10x increase in traffic up from 2016 - according to The Ericsson Mobility Report.

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In a WiFi-Enabled World, Shopping & Buying Are Two Different Things

By Chris Walton, CEO and founder of Red Archer Retail and Omni Talk

As I discussed in the introduction to this series, the next great innovation – the personalized physical commercial experience – is coming, and none of it would be possible without “always-on” connectivity and WiFi.

In the future, constant and friction-free connectivity will enable shopping and buying to become two completely different psychological constructs. Historically, this was never the case. Shopping and buying have always been one and the same – mentally.Both traditional digital and traditional physical commerce have behaved the same way throughout history – browse online or in a store, and then once consumers find something they want, they purchase it, whether off a shelf or with a mouse click.

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