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In a WiFi-Enabled World, Shopping & Buying Are Two Different Things

by Chris WaltonCEO and founder of Red Archer Retail and Omni Talk


As I discussed in the introduction to this series, the next great innovation – the personalized physical commercial experience – is coming, and none of it would be possible without “always-on” connectivity and WiFi.

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1,000,000 wifi logins and counting

The Shubert Organization wrote a post on how has helped them get to know their customers by using guest WiFi as a marketing channel within their theatres.  Here is their story:

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Infographic : First Party Data vs Other Sources

When building digital relationships with fans, the right mix of channels and sources can make all the difference.  GDPR and other emerging regulations around privacy and data are causing many organizations to rethink how they approach marketing and the use of third party data. Now more than ever, the ability to build direct, first-party relationships has become critical.

This infographic highlights the key differences in data source types, the importance of first-party data, and how WiFi Marketing can be a source of high quality first-party relationships.  

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