Take Me Back to Chicago

Not the most famous of Chicago's hit songs, but we were inspired when we arrived in town last week for the TLCC, Tessitura Network’s annual user conference in Chicago. Tessitura Network was created after the Metropolitan Opera invested in and developed an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, tailor-made for an arts and cultural organization - which has now expanded to include other customers throughout the country and world. 

Much like other conferences we’ve attended, there were common threads of conversations throughout the week. Overwhelmingly most of our discussions centered around identifying the non-ticket buyer. We have many clients in both the sports and the entertainment industries and we calculate that on average, they sell  3 tickets per transaction – meaning that if every visitor bought tickets directly from the venue – which many do not – they would only have data on 33% - leaving 67% of visitors unidentified. This was a dilemma everyone wanted to solve.

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Luckily for us – this is the #1 value propositions of our software – so everyone wanted to learn more. 

In that same vein, inevitably, conversations also centered around connecting existing data to on-site visitor data. So, for example, Billy Smith is in the existing CRM, in this case Tessitura, because he bought a ticket to a jazz show, but how can you connect his existing profile Billy Smith ticket buyer to Billy Smith event attendee? Using WiFi Marketing, you can connect event attendees to existing profiles, create new ones, add campus visits and update attributes of existing profiles - creating even more dynamic customer profiles to tick marketing up to a much more sophisticated level. 

Using these sophisticated profiles to customize content and create targeted campaigns for each visitor is a big deal - especially in the sports and entertainment world. If you know Billy likes jazz, you're going to make sure that he's aware and marketed about every event related to that - as he's most likely to buy those tickets.

To answer that and many other questions, we partnered with one of our clients, Lincoln Center, and their CTO Rob Tarleton, to give a presentation on how they're utilizing WiFi Marketing to help create targeted campaigns and build sophisticated customer profiles.


If you're interested you can download the presentation here. 


Building on the topic of WiFi Marketing, another popular topic at the show was around how to digitally engage and meet with people in public spaces or free events. Tessitura is a CRM for cultural events and organizations, and many of those venues have free and open events. WiFi Marketing is one way to identify and connect with these visitors. 

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As you can see we had a really rewarding conference. Met many of our customers, talked to prospects and had great conversations around marketing. At we’re passionate about WiFi Marketing, the capabilities of the software and what it can do for businesses. If you’re interested and want to learn more - check out this blog post What Is WiFi Marketing? - or email us at

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