The Answer is Not Ghostbusters

Last week we were part of a panel at the TriTix Forum in New York City, titled, "Who Ya Gonna Call." Which means, as opposed to the infamous supernatural crime-fighting team - they called us - but we're pretty close to being Ghostbusters - so it made sense.

Tri-Tix is a regional based group that consists of ticketing (and related) professionals located near or within the Tri-State area, including but not limited to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  ​The purpose of the group is to provide local professionals with an opportunity to network with industry peers, discuss the latest trends in the dynamic world of ticketing and share knowledge and best practices. 

We have many customers in the ticketing space, from cultural institutions like Lincoln Center, to Broadway theaters and collegiate and professional sports stadiums and arenas. It's a vertical we're overly familiar with and have several success stories. So, naturally the TriTix Forum was a good fit and we were thrilled to be a part of it. 

The panel included speakers from Ticketmaster, NFL, GroupTools, and AudienceView / Vendini and discussed tips for identifying anonymous patrons - or as we like to call them - ghost fans.

TriTix Forum

As part of our section, we discussed client trends that we've seen and how WiFi Marketing can help identify audience members beyond ticket buyers, connect with them, and create dynamic marketing lists from accurate first-party data collected on site.

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On average our clients sell 3 tickets per sales transaction. So, that's 67% - a majority - of each audience that are "ghosts." WiFi Marketing is a way to identify them. WiFi Marketing is when businesses provide their customers with access to guest WiFi, and then use that channel to collect their information, like email address and social media profiles, and on-site, communicate messages and promotions.

Where differentiates itself is through our network of network approach to data where we validate the captured email addresses, including bounce detection across our entire database, not just within the data each business collects.

So now, that first-party data you collect is identifying the unknown guests and being authenticated. Creating a marketing list that is accurate and with a high interest in your product as they've already been on site.

In a way - we are ghostbusters - but much easier to get ahold of. At we're passionate about WiFi Marketing and what it can do for businesses. If you're interested in learning more or want to identify your own ghosts email us @

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