The phantoms lurking in your stadium

Ghost fans are the unknown visitors lurking in your stadium; they didn’t buy a ticket directly from you, not a fan on Facebook, and haven’t downloaded your fan app. But they go to games every season, live stream on ESPN, and purchased their favorite players jerseys. So how do you connect with these fans?

Great marketers are always searching for improved ways to connect directly with fans and visitors over a multitude of channels, through social media, traditional media, fan sites, etc. These channels capture some unknown fans but have not been truly effective in connecting with fans onsite to build real connections that produce results.  Although teams promote their social channels onsite, how many fans will like you on Facebook, Instagram, or go to the app store and download your app if it interrupts their game day experience? How can you measure the results of digital signage displays if there is no way for fans to interact with it? At, one of the biggest challenges our customers face is effectively marketing to their target audience onsite.

How likely are fans to connect with your brand digitally, while onsite and fully engaged in the stadium experience? WiFi marketing channel is the best way to connect with these mysterious fans onsite. verifies who is connecting to WiFi and gathers powerful data about fans, including demographics, likes, and interests. 

Post authentication, our smart content management system, offers contextually relevant messaging to your onsite fans using social profiles, interests, and other valuable data. We prioritize content that resonates with your fans to take actions when they are most likely to engage with your brand onsite. This personalization delivers the right product or service at the right time and understanding the fan’s behavior will facilitate this process.’s technology also allows you to obtain valuable permissions to contact fans with marketing messages, while creating valuable first party data relationships.

Digital interactions on site can be very powerful if venues remember that onsite online behavior differs from offsite online behavior.  To be effective, marketing calls to action must not interrupt the fan experience in the stadium. Take for example, a call to action with the goal of increasing ticket sales for future games. If the fan is a visitor to your website offsite, it would make sense to offer them an incentive to buy a ticket immediately. If the fan is onsite, that process would interrupt the fan experience, but a call to action to “remind me later” to buy a ticket gives you the chance to connect with them later, offsite, when they are more willing to take the time to complete the transaction. 

The goal of WiFi marketing should be to connect, not convert guests onsite. By connecting onsite while fans are most engag

ed with your brand, you can take advantage of a critical moment to capture their attention.’s  WiFi marketing and authentication tools can help your marketing team bring these ghosts to life.

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