WiFi Marketing Or Location Analytics?

WiFi Marketing and Location Analytics are two separate technologies that both leverage existing guest WiFi. WiFi Marketing builds digital relationships with onsite foot-traffic, collecting qualified, low-cost first-party data. Location analytics is a visual depiction using real-time geographical and historical data that identifies footfall, high dwell areas and bottle necks, within a physical space.

Both are used to drive marketing campaigns – but the information they target is significantly different. WiFi marketing collects first-party data while location analytics collects customer behavior.

Both technologies require that you opt-in by signing into the WiFi network. At we authenticate emails and first-party data – ensuring that the information collected is accurate and valid. Then using APIs that data is pushed into existing CRM and marketing platforms (i.e. Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, MailChimp, etc.) to help further marketing campaigns and journeys.

Other than the opt-in, location analytics do not require personal information to work. The software finds, detects and tracks a device’s MAC address, which in addition to providing location and movement patterns also identifies what kind of device it is, as manufacturers are assigned specific groups of MAC addresses.

Both technologies gather information, but they tell very different stories about consumers. WiFi Marketing provides authenticated contact information ensuring that you’ve collected a valid email address or social media profile – and through a variety of different available experiences, can provide further information through different experiences or completed marketing tasks, like filling out a survey, following the business on social media, downloading a coupon, etc. 

Location analytics gives insight into consumer behavior inside the store itself – detailing information like what products and locations are most popular, a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of marketing displays, see length of time consumers are waiting on line and determining if there are enough employees available to help consumers. doesn’t offer location analytics, we focus solely on WiFi marketing – we don’t sell any of the first-party data collected and are also GDPR compliant. When looking at any of these marketing solutions, it’s important to ask about privacy policies and how the data is being used. Not all WiFi Marketing solutions are the same and not all of them have the same concerns about data and privacy. 

At we’re passionate about WiFi Marketing, the capabilities of the software and what it can do for businesses. If you have questions on these technologies, or want more information - you can contact us

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