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Do You Have the Golden Ticket?

Entrance into Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night may have seemed like the golden ticket to Golden State and Raptors fans - but the real success was what happened for the Warriors marketing team as fans poured into Oracle Arena and signed into the Guest WiFi, enabling them to collect first-party data on their fans through a WiFi Marketing solution.

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WiFi Marketing Or Location Analytics?

WiFi Marketing and Location Analytics are two separate technologies that both leverage existing guest WiFi. WiFi Marketing builds digital relationships with onsite foot-traffic, collecting qualified, low-cost first-party data. Location analytics is a visual depiction using real-time geographical and historical data that identifies footfall, high dwell areas and bottle necks, within a physical space.

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5 Benefits to WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing is a software solution that sits on top of an existing WiFi Network. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation of what it is and how it works check out our post What is WiFi Marketing or download our one-pager.

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When Success Looks Like Failure.

Forbes called pop-up stores, retail’s "Uberization” and many industry experts believe it could be a critical solution to the store closings creating a desert of empty strip malls and vacant storefronts. So, when Amazon announced it was closing its pop-up stores last March it created a pause in the industry. Did these closures suggest that the Amazon experiment had failed? Can e-commerce giants like Amazon be successful in the brick and mortar world?

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Get Real ROI on Guest WiFi

Consumers view connectivity as a right, not a privilege and Wi-FI and connectivity are basic commodities at this point. So, knowing this, how can a company investing in this technology (guest WiFi) measure its return on investment? Too many companies set out without a clear business case for Wi-Fi and then struggle to measure its return on investment and other associated costs like helpdesk personnel, licensing fees, etc. An easy way to justify offering free guest WiFi is to use WiFi Marketing software – through that, you can promote corporate marketing objectives, gain valuable insights on visitor behaviors, enhance the customer experience, and create relationships rather than just check off a box in the list of amenities for the commercial space.

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Choose Your Customer's Experience

Apple announced a lot of things last week, but it’s more significant to talk about what they didn’t announce. No one – all day – mentioned hardware. Instead Apple announced several new initiatives, all designed to keep people engaged with their platform and on their devices - and all needing connectivity to work. WiFi is already one of the most requested amenities so how does a business create unique experiences for your customers that also capitalizes on this forced expenditure? 

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If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

First-class marketing campaigns need first-class quality data. Every CRM admin and marketing professional knows the old saying, ‘garbage in and garbage out’, and it's very true – incorrect data is not useful. Data quality is vital to ensure accuracy and reliability - in both marketing campaigns and CRM databases.

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The Power of First-Party Data - Unleashing ROI

By Chris Walton, CEO and founder of Red Archer Retail and Omni Talk

The Power Of First-Party Data - Unleashing ROI

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Create a Stronger Connection with Visitors Using Data Validation and High-Quality Wi-Fi

Authored by guest blogger Ryan Hall from Extreme Networks

How Extreme Networks and deliver an augmented onsite experience for guests and create a powerful source of first-party data for businesses.

Expectations and goals related to the guest experience have shifted. Regardless of the environment, whether it’s a sports venue, retail store, hotel, theme park, etc., guests now anticipate an experience that extends beyond the primary reason driving their visit. This includes access to quality Wi-Fi connectivity, unfettered use of their mobile devices, and personalized offerings that create more convenience during their stay.

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What is WiFi Marketing?

In 2022, monthly mobile data traffic per active smartphone in North America will reach 25 GB - a 10x increase in traffic up from 2016 - according to The Ericsson Mobility Report.

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