Create a Stronger Connection with Visitors Using Data Validation and High-Quality Wi-Fi

Authored by guest blogger Ryan Hall from Extreme Networks

How Extreme Networks and deliver an augmented onsite experience for guests and create a powerful source of first-party data for businesses.

Expectations and goals related to the guest experience have shifted. Regardless of the environment, whether it’s a sports venue, retail store, hotel, theme park, etc., guests now anticipate an experience that extends beyond the primary reason driving their visit. This includes access to quality Wi-Fi connectivity, unfettered use of their mobile devices, and personalized offerings that create more convenience during their stay.

The onus is on every business to ensure these expectations are sufficiently met. Doing so helps an organization remain competitive in today’s digitized society and establish a meaningful relationship with customers.  Businesses can also directly capitalize on the shift in guests’ expectations today. Leveraging strategic technologies, like guest Wi-Fi, (now considered a utility), can also benefit the business. Guest Wi-Fi combined with the software and Extreme Networks can be used to collect validated first-party data, better understand who guests are, and better enable cross-functional organizational initiatives

What are the strategic technologies enabling quality guest experiences today, and how can they be used as powerful business asset to drive ROI?

In the infographic below, we demonstrate how the combined, purpose-built technologies provided by Extreme Networks and deliver an exceptional experience at each step during a guest’s visit, and how these solutions drive more business value, by equipping organizations with the ability to:

  • Offer strong and secure Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Collect and validate first-part data
  • Create a customized and intuitive captive portal
  • Interact with visitors on-site at the moment of engagement
  • Deliver personalized content and promotional offers on-site
  • Understand onsite mobile customer engagements
  • Augment customer CRM databases
  • Enable highly-targeted digital marketing initiatives on-site and post-visit

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Every guest experience may vary but utilizing the combined technologies of and Extreme Networks ensures every experience feels convenient, personalized, and seamless; it also positions businesses to generate a positive return from the technologies they’ve invested in to-date. 

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