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The Salesforce is strong with this one...

Connecting Salesforce to Guest WiFi has never been easier

Whether growing the season-ticket sale pipeline or activating new subscriber campaigns, leveraging guest WiFi as a lead acquisition channel continues to grow in importance.

Our clients use the best tools available and many rely on the Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds to reach their goals.


image-664 has long supported a seamless integration from our guest WiFi technology with their platforms, and now we are excited to take that integration one step further with our event-flow integration.

Effective marketing and sales automation relies on strong signals from your prospects.  No longer are email addresses and permissions to contact enough to drive sales growth.  Businesses listen to and process key events so they can correlate, segment, and trigger the types of actions.

An on-property WiFi program, when properly orchestrated, can be a powerful source of strong signals for effective marketing. From identifying shadow customer visits to gathering fan expressions of interest,'s guest WiFi platform makes the most of this precious one-on-one moment while on-site.

Now, using our improved event-flow for Salesforce, leveraging those signals alongside prospect acquisition has never been easier.  The results of tying together a proper guest WiFi strategy with Salesforce are profiles, complete with location visits, survey responses, content events, and intent attributes based on the on-property activity.

The possibilities are very exciting.

To learn more, clients should set up a Salesforce "event-flow" workshop with their success manager.

If you are new to WiFi Marketing or the platform and looking for ways to turn on this great acquisition and signal channel, we would be happy to discuss our best practices with you. 


You can reach out to us here.


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